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Rabbi David Miller serves as the director of the YU Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Institute in Jerusalem and is the Rosh Kollel of the RIETS Israel Kollel. He has been teaching in and administering these programs since 1976, and is the inaugural occupant of the Benjamin and Charlotte Gottesfeld Chair in Talmud and Codes. During the years 2012-2014, he travelled to New York, and served as the Mashgiach Ruchani on the Wilf Campus.

While on reserve army duty, he served as a senior lecturer in the IDF Rabbinate from 1977-1997. In 1989, he was appointed the Head of Beit Medrash L’Torah, an undergraduate-level program located on the Gruss Campus and he served in that capacity for 10 years. In 2000, he became Rabbi of Kehillat Ateret Nof in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem.

A graduate of YU High School for Boys (1964), Rabbi Miller earned his bachelor’s degree summa cum laude from YC (1968), semikhah from Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (1971), and master’s degree in Jewish history from Bernard Revel Graduate School (1972).

After making aliyah, he continued his studies at Kollel Shevet U’Mechokek in a program leading to designation as a dayan, a decisor of Jewish law in the religious court system.

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