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Rabbi Ehrman is a former Rebbe at Yeshivat HaKotel and Netiv Aryeh and Rosh Kollel of Kollel Iyun Hanefesh in Yerushalayim. He has authored numerous sefarim including Shiras Yitzchak, Simchas Shmuel, Simchas Hanefesh and also scores of articles in English and Hebrew. He is an acclaimed darshan and has served as scholar in residence for various congregations throughout the New York area. His style is to weave together the various strands of Jewish thought in order to bring out an inspiring and relevant message. He recently started a "skype-yeshiva" where he learns privately with men of all ages [including college students] at all levels from the comfort of their home or office. To join the yeshiva or to invite Rabbi Ehrman to speak in your shul you may contact him directly at [email protected]. He blogs at http://mevakeshlev.blogspot.co.il and is a certified marriage counselor.

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