RIETS Dinner 5781

Get a Taste of YU High Schools: Thursday, March 18

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8:00 pm EST
Rabbi Michael Taubes
Rosh Yeshiva, RIETS and YUHSB

Sippur Yetzias Mitzrayim: How Late is Too Late?

8:30 pm EST
Mrs. Bracha Rutner
Head of School, YUHSG

Korban Pesach and Family Commitments

To join by phone, call 929.205.6099 and enter meeting ID 992 3606 1582. To find more call in numbers for your region, click here.

Monday, March 8: A Taste of Revel
Dr. Daniel Rynhold: Pesach, Freedom, & Messianism: Learning a Daf with Emmanuel Levinas
Dr. Ronnie Perelis: How Crypto-Jews Celebrated the Holiday of Freedom in the Lands of Captivity
Tuesday, March 9: A Taste of Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education
Dr. Rona Novick: Mental Housecleaning: A Pre-Pesach Guide
Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Schiffman: The Emotions of Seder Night
Wednesday, March 10: A Taste of Yeshiva College
Rabbi Hayyim Angel: Different Angles into the Ten Plagues
Rabbi Allen Schwartz: The Four Sons of the Hagadah: Pedagogical Lessons from an Eternal Pedagogical Text
Thursday, March 11: A Taste of Wurzweiler School of Social Work
Rabbi Dr. Ari Sytner: Pesach and Parenting: An Intergenerational Dialogue
Dr. Debbie Akerman: Pesach, Pandemic and Positivity
Monday, March 15: A Taste of Stern College for Women and GPATS
Dean Shoshana Schechter: Symbols, Signs and Sacrifice: Understanding the Pesach Rituals
Professor Nechama Price: Terach at the Seder: Finding Significance in the Insignificant
Tuesday, March 16: A Taste of RIETS
Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz: Matzah: We Must, We Should, We May
Rabbi Menachem Penner: Of Bitter Herbs and Better Days: Our Pandemic Pesach – Part II
Wednesday, March 17: A Taste of Sy Syms School of Business
Dr. Noam Wasserman: Life Lessons from the Midbar: Transition Challenges and Foundation Building
Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman: The Business of Pesach: Mechiras Chametz and Related Concepts