Looking Back and Moving Forward: The Ten Days of Repentance in Halacha Listen now

Listen to Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman give the 39th Annual Hausman-Stern Kinus Teshuva lecture in the YU Wilf Campus Beit Midrash.

Asseret Ymei Teshuva on YUTorah Browse the shiurim

Grow each day as we approach Yom Kippur and make ammends for the past year with shiurim on Halacha, customs and inspiration.

Learn Sefer Yonah Browse the shiurim

Learn the story of Sefer Yonah as well as the deeper lessons and what it has to do with Yom Kippur.

The Laws of Pas Akum Browse the shiurim

Learn about what Pas Akum applies and doesn't apply to, and how it relates to modern production of food.

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