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Rabbi Ephraim Mordechai Steinberg (1898-1971) – Rabbi Steinberg was borin in Ostrolenka, Poland. He studied at Yeshivot in Lomza and Slabodka, and was among the outstanding students of Rabbi Dovid Tavi Meltcher zt”l and Rabbi Raphael Volozhiner zt”l. He received semikhah from Rabbi Shimon Shkop zt”l and again, in this country, from Rabbi Yosef Rosen zt”l of Passaic, New Jersey. He arrived in America in 1921 and was immediately appointed a rosh yeshiva of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. There he taught Torah to hundreds of students until 1970. He authored two seforim: Degel Machane Ephraim volume one and Degel Machane Ephraim volume two in 1970 (on the first yartzeit of his wife). The second volume was lost in the mail before it was published. The author rewrote the entire sefer from memory and it was posthumously published.

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