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Vayishlach: Value the Struggle

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Nov 29, 2017
19 min 5 sec


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    1. Title: struggle
      Author: allan friedman ,

      i enjoyed this shiur. thank you.r. berechya in breishit rabba 77 adds we don't know who won.we dont look for struggles - that would be pure masochism according to viktor frankl (man's search for meaning). but we look for the value of the struggle in the here and now. even God doesn't demand success.i also looked in mekorot harav on this passuk but found nothing. i too would love to see a source though the idea stands on its own.again - thanks allan friedman

      1. Title: Thanks for your comment
        Rabbi Moshe Schochetallan friedman, 

        Hi Allan,

        Thanks for your inquiry. I am so happy that you have reached out. As I mentioned in my shiur, I thought I heard the idea in the name of Rabbi Soloveitchik but I haven't yet found it yet either. I don't think that the suggestion was to look for or iniate a struggle. Rather, when struggles appears, we should embrace them and recognize the value of the experiences. In terms of the source for that concept, I think that the explanation of the Chofetz Chaim does highlight the value of laboring and struggling. Additionally, the Ramban in Parshas Vayera explains that Hashem tests us in order for us to realize what we are capable of even if it is difficult to persevere through the test. That too clearly highlights the value of struggle. I would also mention that though R' Berechya's opinion is quoted in Breishis Rabba, it does not necessarily mean that Chazal as a whole accepted it as the only approach. Perhaps, others may not have agrees which opens the door for the interepretation I mentioned.

        Thanks again for reaching out and for forcing me to think deeper about the subject.

        All the best,

        Moshe Schochet

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