Parsha Shiur - Balak 5773

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Jun 20, 2013
1 hr 24 min 40 sec

Series: Daily Shiur


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    1. Title: Shor Haniskal and Muktze
      Author: Ezra Herschberg ,

      Shalom Rav Shcachter, shlita,I enjoyed listening to this wonderful shiur, as I always enjoy the Rosh Yeshiva's shiurim.Could the Rosh Yeshiva clarify the following two points for me?1. At 50:00 the Rav talks about putting to death an animal that some did an aveira with, and whether the animal is put to death because it caused a takala/aveira or because it will be an embarrassing reminder of the sinner who was put to death. Is there a maskana in the end? It was my understanding that it WAS because of kalon, and that is why it is assur behan'a. I.e. if someone would take it's hide and make something with it, it would continue the sinner's embarrassment for years to come. Is that at all correct? 2. At 1:04:50 The Rav mentioned the idea of converting muktze items into boulders and twigs into chairs and then they cease to be muktze and on could sit on them on shabbos. I know that this question is being nit-picky, but just to clarify for myself; it was my understanding that there is no issue with SITTING on muktze items rather MOVING muktze items. Am I mistaken?Thank you for your precious time.With great respect to the Rosh Yeshiva,Ezra Herschberg

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