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Ten Minute Halacha - Techeiles: A Response to Rabbi Reisman

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Jun 22, 2011
17 min 49 sec

Series: Ten Minute Halacha

Venue: Yeshivat Lev Shlomo (Woodmere, NY) Yeshivat Lev Shlomo (Woodmere, NY)


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  1. Title: R' Yaakov Shapiro
    Author: Yoni S ,

    Check out R' Yaakov Shapiro's take here:


    1. Title:
      ploni almoniYoni S, 

      I looked there, they discuss the statement of the Arizal that techeiles is only in the time of the beis hamikdash.

      For someone who wants to see a serious discussion about this topic, I would suggest looking here, especially on p. 5 and further in the PDF.

  2. Title: Latte
    Author: Alexander Hamilton ,

    Rav,I listened with interest to the 10 minute Halacha shiur on Starbucks where you concluded by saying that you are unsure about Cappaccino/Latte coffees from Starbucks. (I'm a big fan of the series so a very big thank you!)Have you had any further clarification on the kashrus of latte/capaccino coffee?I thought that most of the Rav's svara applied there too?I live in the UK, and almost anyone who has Chalav Akum does so specifically to drink Latte in Starbucks!Many Thanks,Alex

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