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Ten Minute Halacha - Chanukah Gelt and Gifts

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Nov 29, 2010
10 min 33 sec

Series: Ten Minute Halacha

Venue: Yeshivat Lev Shlomo (Woodmere, NY) Yeshivat Lev Shlomo (Woodmere, NY)


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  1. Title: The Dreidel and Moshiach
    Author: Chaim Simons ,

    It has been suggested that there is a source for the dreidel in sefer Yechezkel (37:16-17). There the Navi writes to take a stick and write on it “Yehudah” (to represent the Southern Kingdom) and on another stick write “Yosef” (to represent the Northern Kingdom) and join the two sticks together to make one stick. This is an allusion to all the tribes returning to Eretz Yisroel in the days of the Moshiach. A dreidel was originally made from wood and the gematria of the letters on it – nun, gimmel, hey, shin – is that of Moshiach. However in Eretz Yisroel, one usually finds the letter pey instead of shin. But one can still have the gematria for Moshiach, since the gematria of nun, gimmel hey, pey, is “Menachem” or “Tzemach” which are also names for the Moshiach.

  2. Title: Further reason for Chanukah gelt
    Author: Chaim Simons ,

    There is another source for Chanukah gelt, which is brought by Rabbi Yosef Kapach in his book Halichot Taiman, (Jerusalem: Machon Ben-Zvi, 5762), p.64

     He writes that in Yemen every day during Chanukah, Jewish mothers would give their children a small coin. The child would then hurry to the market and with half of this money would purchase some small and tender carrots and with the remainder some fine sugar which the shopkeeper would put in small paper containers and add some red colouring matter. The child would then happily return home, put this red coloured sugar in a bottle, fill it with water and it would then resemble the wine which the grownups drank


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