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Jewish Heritage Tour of Italy Part 2 of 12

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Jul 4, 2010
1 hr 15 min 49 sec

Venue: Italy Italy



Shiur given on a bus in Italy. How are the first six aliyos to parshas Hazeinu partitioned? Is the opening pasuk to Tehilim counted as pasuk #one? What is a reiach ha'get ? A wife is not a husbands POW(Seforno). The Ramah MePanu: one cannot fast erev rosh chodesh; how one writes tefilin; Sefardim start selichos after rosh chodesh elul; kashering kelim; part of a day is like a whole day; his text for a get. The story of the first Lubavitcher rebbi praying for Napoleon's defeat, and being saved by a misnagid rabbi. The Gra' wanted to attend medical school. Achad Ha'Am plagerized the Ramchal. Is sturgeon kosher? The Ohr Zarua asked the Tos' Rid many questions. Why shemona esrei has 19 brachos. R. Azarya D'Rasi- is gemara historically correct?

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  1. Title: The Ba'al Hatanya hid in Chatzlavitch
    Author: David Arbesfeld ,

    Rabbi Schachter quoted the Rav saying that the  Ba'al Hatanya hid in Chatzlavitch, while Reb Nachman thought that it was Gaditch. I spoke with Dr Shneur Leiman who says that it is definitely Chatzlavitch, and that the Rav's father, Rav Moshe Soloveitchik, was a rav in Chatzlavitch. However, when the Ba'al Hatanya was still hiding and was near death, he asked to be buried in Gaditch, because there are many tzadikim buried in Gaditch.

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