Ten Minute Halacha - Gebrukts

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Mar 17, 2010
12 min 28 sec

Series: Ten Minute Halacha

Venue: DRS Yeshiva High School for Boys DRS Yeshiva High School for Boys


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  1. Title: The Vilna Gaon’s Matzos
    Author: Chaim Simons ,

    The Chafetz Chaim would not eat gebrukts on Pesach, (although he did not stop his family from doing so). When people said to him that the Vilna Gaon would eat gebrukts, he answered that were he to have the matzos of the Vilna Gaon, he would also eat gebrukts. (Ohr Yisroel (Monsey), Nisan 5759 (1999), year 4, issue 3 (15), page 142)

  2. Title: Glatt Kosher for Pesach
    Author: Chaim Simons ,

    One often sees advertisements for holidays for Pesach which state that the cuisine is “Glatt Kosher”. This term has meaning for the rest of the year, but for Pesach it is ambiguous. A place can offer cuisine with includes kneidalach and other gebrukts, and for those who follow the poskim who state this completely permitted on Pesach, it can be classed as Glatt Kosher. Furthermore, a place that follows the Sefaradi minhagim can have on their menu, rice and other kitniyos, and this can likewise be classed as Glatt Kosher. Therefore it is important for a place offering Pesach cuisine not just to state “Glatt Kosher” but also state whether they serve gebrukts and/or kitniyos. Furthermore, prospective clients must also check this point when choosing a place to stay for Pesach.

  3. Title: Only after a Leap Year
    Author: Chaim Simons ,

    I have heard (but have not seen it in writing)  that a person using his Pesach kelim for gebrukts on the 8th day of Pesach, would only use them on the next Pesach if that following year was a leap year, and in this way more than 12 months would have passed. If however the following year was not a leap year, then less than 12 months would have passed, and they would wait until yet the following Pesach to use the kelim

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