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Rav Hirsch, The Rav, and Their Contrasting Views Of Yeshiva University

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May 31, 2009
1 hr 3 min 16 sec
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      1. Title: Question
        Author: ari sytner ,

        Would you say that certain post-modern factors have shifted society's perspective on this?

      2. Title: Corrections
        Author: Avram Gutmann ,

        I would just like to correct three factual errors.

        1. Rabbi Breuer visited Dr. Revel at his home and not at Yeshiva College. He never gave Revel an answer as to whether he would lecture at Yeshiva College since Dr. Revel passed away shortly after their first meeting. What did convince Rabbi Breuer not to accept the offer was when he was visited by a number of students from Yeshiva College around Pesach time and they told him that at Yeshiva Colege they held that one may shave on Chol Hamoed. This convinced Rav Breuer that Yeshiva College was not the place for him

        2. The intermingling of limudei kodesh and limudei chol classes was not Rav Hirsch's ideal educational system. The only reason he had to do this was because this method was one of the conditions by which the government permitted him to open his school. His ideal system would have been the separation of the two as is done today at most yeshiva day schools.

        3. When Mr. Samson R. Bechhofer made his comments last year he did question why everyone was idealizing the "Lakewood" way. But he questioned why they weren't following Torah Im Derech Eretz. He never even implied that they should be going to YU.  

        1. Title:
          ari sytnerAvram Gutmann, 

          Thank you for your comments.

        1. Title:
          Robert ShurAvram Gutmann, 

          Please see letter from Rav Breuer (above right under marei mekomot) as a reply refuting this comment