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May a Man Wear a Kilt and May a Woman Wear a Tallis: The Parameters of Lo Tilbash

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Sep 11, 2008
44 min 58 sec

Venue: Cong. Shomrei Emunah (Baltimore) Cong. Shomrei Emunah (Baltimore)



Halacha on the Parsha Shiur

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  1. Title: Lo Yilobosh
    Author: Barry Kleinberg ,

    I listened to your shirr which I enjoyed very much. I am learning Hilchot Shabbat and became interested in this subject when learning Siman 340 in Orach Chaim. There we are told that there is a prohibition of pulling out a single white hair even during the week due to Lo Yilobosh. I discussed this with my Rav and he believed that this is still the case (and may include dying hair). Having seen many mekorot and listened to your shiur I believe that we now live in a time when "metrosexuality" is acceptable and that male grooming is now not considered behaving in a feminine way whatsoever. I would be interested in your views on this.Regards and Shabbat shalomBarry KleinbergLondon, UK

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