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Halachot of Bread

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May 20, 2008
54 min 20 sec

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  1. Title: Notes to Halochos of Pas
    Author: REUVEN DAVIS ,

    These notes are based on my understanding of the shiur.

    1. Belila Ava Shenisbashela (Thick dough that was cooked)

    Rabeeinu Tam – there are two ways to be chiyuv in chalah:

    -          Belila Ava (even if nishbashela) e.g. doughnut, kreplach, wonton, lokshon

    -          Baked (even if belila rakka) e.g. cake


    -          * According to Tosafos in R”T these are both called lechem and you would make hamotei

    -          However for a technical reason you would not make hamotzi on lokshon because it does not have tzuras lechem

    -          Also on doughnuts etc. you would not make hamotzei because they would be pas haba bekisnin, unless you eat it derech kevias seudah.


    -          * According to Talmidei Rabbeinu Yonah in Rabeeinu Tam these are called an “Isah” which is enough to mechiav in Challah but not called lechem.  One would not say Hamotei on them at all


    Rash and Ramban and others disagree with Rabeeinu Tam:

    -          It must be baked to be chiyav in challah

    -          Belila Ava shenisbashela is potur from challah


    In Hilchos Challah, Shulchan Aruch holds like Rash and Ramban.

    Shach says that one should separate challah without berocho by belila ava shenisbashela.


    In Hilchos Berochos some poskim say that we should avoid eating these things outside a meal to choshesh for R”T.


    In Hilchos Bishul Akum we assume like the Rema that pas haba bekisnin (cookies and cakes) are included in pas akum not bishul akum since if eaten derech kevias seudah we make hamotzei (and we have the kullah of pas palter)

    A belila ava shenisbashela (e.g. doughnuts) fall into the machlokes Rabeeinu Tam and others.   However even if they are not called lechem and they are included in bishul akum we would have the heter of bishul akum – this heter would work even during asseres yemei teshuvah unlike the heter of pas palter.


    2. Belila Rakka sheneefah (Soft dough that is baked)

    Is chayav in challah according to Rabeeinu Tam and Rash.

    However the Ramban holds that a belila rakka is potur from challah


    Shulchan Aruch poskins like Rabeeinu Tam and Rash

    (There are some bakeries that are not mafrish challah on cakes like Ramban.)


    3. Cookies

    These are a belilah avah and baked so should be chayav in challah according to everyone.

    However the Aruch Hashulchan (also Rabbenu Yonah in Berochos) says that since eaten as a snack do not take challah. 

    This is a daas yachid.


    4. Maaseh Ilfas (baked in a frying pan)

    When I bake the flour and water, is a tanur required (Reish Lakish) or even in a frying pan (Rabbi Yochanan), to be chayav in challah?

    Machlokes Rabbi Yochanan and Reish Lakish in Pesochim Perek 2 daf 37


    Rabeeinu Tam explains leshitaso that the whole machlokes is by belila rakka (not called a lisha). Since you need an afiah, do you need afiah betanur.

    Rash / Ramban learn that no difference between belila rakka and belila ava.


    Most poskim hold like Rabbi Yochanan

    (Rabbeinu Chananel poskins like R”L that need afiah btanar)


    5. Tanur Echad – One Oven

    If take flour and cook it and then bake it (e.g bagel), R’ Yehuda says that potur from challah because require “tanur echad” like loshon of the posuk in Bechukosai.

    Other tannaim argue and so hold almost all rishonim.

    We do not poskin like R’ Yehuda and the berocho on beigals in hamotzei.

    They are also included in pas regarding pas akum


    6. Losing the Shem Lechem

    Tosafos Berachos on sugia of Chavitza discusses whether something can lose its “shem lechem”.

    -          If take bread and bread into breadcrumbs – it is lechem gamur.

    -          Bishul can only revoke the “shem lechem” if the bread is less than a k’zais

    -          If you add other ingredients (where not derech bishul), it loses “shem lechem” if it is less than a k’zais and not form of bread.


    Deep frying is like bishul

    Shallow frying is a machlokes in kol hatorah.  French toast since it is more than a kezayis is certainly hamotzei.  However matzo brie each piece is less than a kezayis and does not have the form of bread and it would fall into this machlokes.  The Mishna Berurah advises to eat it in the middle of a meal.


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