Men & Women-Thoughts on why are they not equal in obligations

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Dec 31, 2006
42 min 26 sec

Venue: Beth Israel of Halifax Beth Israel of Halifax


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  1. Title: Assorted comments
    Author: Yisrael K ,

    Why is it offensive to say men are on a higher plane but not offensive to say the reverse?

    This lecture starts off by criticizing people who speak out of ignorance and then proceeds to offer explanations without references sources, but rather just makes up explanations of the exemption.

    Rav Tzadock says man was created from Hashem's will alone but woman was created a combination of Hashem's will and Adam's desire. Therefore, her creation contains more earthly elements and the man is more spiritual. Dover Tzedeck p. 119





    1. Title:
      Yehoshua GrunsteinYisrael K, 

      Dear Yisrael,

      Many thanks for your comments and interest; listening to a shuir from over 10 years ago brought back many memories.

      Would like to briefly say a few things to address your points;

      1) The particular audiance in this class was such that it didn't lend itself to see the sources inside, for many reasons I'd be happy to share with you offline. However, to see the sources I refered to, please look at;_there_is_no_equality!_ where these sources are quoted, in the attached source sheet. Believe all the references are there as well.

      2) As I point out at the onset of the class, there are many opinons as to the reason behind the differences [in the spesfic realm of Mitzvot, which the shuir is limited to,] and yet, I myself can't "sign" on any spesfic one, as I wasn't there when the divine law was set. However, amongst the suggestions, I believe the one presented here fits in the best [relativly] to the Halchot that govern the obligation in positive commandments between men and women.

      Once again, I thank you for your comment, and the chizuk it gives me to know these classes are being listened to.