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Relating to Reform and Conservative – the People and the Ideology. Frum Versus Ehrich with Emphasis on the Soloveichik Family. The Great Accomplishments of German Jews in Israel. The Motive for Speaking Hebrew in the Zionist Movement and in Israel.

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Sep 4, 2022
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German Jews in Israel – unique accomplishments. Providing names in responsa. R' Moshe on taking girlfriend to Catskills. Speaking Hebrew in Israel – the motive. The greater importance of ehrlich than frum in the Solovei(t)chik family. R' Chaim Lindenblatt and R' Ahron Soloveichik. The Chicago mikveh controversy by R' Yosef Soloveichik, son of R' Ahron. R' Joseph Soloveitchik's opinion of his 1970s students. Lost cellphone - Machon Lev. R' Revel's letter on Yeshiva College's proposed National Board of Directors containing non-orthodox members. Limmud. Reform and Conservative at the Kotel. Tzohar and wine. R' Joseph Shubow. Kanaut vs. shalom. R' Meir Fulda and the unique religious success of the city of Fulda, Germany – R' Aaron Goldscheider.

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