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Rav Meir Kahane: His Strong Support From Sephardim and Soviet Jews, Compared to Opposition From Others. The Brussels Conference on Soviet Jewry. The Forged Letter from Rav Soloveitchik to President Herzog.

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Oct 11, 2021
1 hr 47 min 37 sec

Venue: YU Israel YU Israel



What should someone who must violate Shabbat do? The unique importance of Shabbat, more than other mitzvot. Effect on R' Kahane of being in an Israeli jail. R' Kahane's party is banned from Knesset. What Shas learned from observing R' Kahane's success. R' Kahane's criticism of Jews staying in America. His dialogue with President Moller of K'hal Adath Jeshurun in the Jewish Press. Increased number of Torah observant Jews in higher ranks of the army and also in the Knesset. R' Rakeffet's talk on R' Kahane given on the Shabbat after R' Kahane was assassinated. Why R' Kahane was arrested at the World Conference of Jewish Communities on Soviet Jewry in Brussels in 1971, and the reaction. Rafael Halperin offered to organize demonstrations. Forged Rav Soloveitchik letter to President Herzog. Why Rav Ahron Soloveichik admired R' Kahane and Rav Yosef Soloveitchik did not.

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