Is the YU / Dati Leumi Jew a Dying Breed?

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January 07 2018
1h 8min 42s

Venue: North Miami Beach, FL North Miami Beach, FL


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    1. Title: The Rogochover
      Author: True == 1 ? Anonymous : Anonymous &##44;

      <p>Regarding what R' Rakefet said in passiing to malign the Rogochover - people who met him and spoke with him said that he was a great teacher. He was very clear [unlike his sfarim which are replete with sources and little explanation].</p>

    2. Title: Pictures of women
      Author: True == 1 ? Anonymous : Anonymous &##44;

      <p>R' Rakefet is a fierce critic of not printing pictures of women and claims that it is against the Torah not to do so.</p> <p>Where does it say in the Torah that men should look at pictures of women? How can R' Rakefet claim that it is against the Torah not to print their pictures. The gemara says that a male may not look at the CLOTHING of a women when she is not wearing them - to look at her is definitely not ideal. The gemara asks rhetorically [avoda zara 20] ולאיסתכולי מי שרי - is it permitted to look at women?? [See there].&nbsp;</p> <p>We have a mechitza in shul according to the rambam in order that men shouldn't look at women. We look when necessary but twhen there is no reason to look then one should ideally avoid it.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>What is r' rakefets problem??&nbsp; What are his sources for his opinion??? Not the shulchan aruch or any other sefer.&nbsp;</p>

    3. Title: Frumkeit in the army
      Author: True == 1 ? Anonymous : Anonymous &##44;

      <p>His claim that in the army in certain units one is forced to daven is specious. Similarly the claim that more people become religious in the army than lose their religion is also patently false. MANY MANY kids go into the army with a kippah and leave without. Very few come on without and leave with.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>