The Sons of Korach: It’s Never Too Late

September 09 2020

It is a very special moment: before the blowing of the shofar, the Psalm, chapter 47, is sung seven times, "To the conductor of the sons of Korach, a psalm." 

It is at this very moment that we must remember who Korach's sons were. Korach led a rebellion against Moshe and Aharon. Honor, haughtiness and political interests all fueled the rebellion that ended with bitterness and tragedy. Korach and his followers were swallowed by the earth and died. What happened to the children of Korach? They didn’t die. At the last minute, they changed their minds. They teach us that even today, at the last possible moment, we can repent and be saved.

Did we properly prepare for this moment of blowing the shofar? Have we all been in an atmosphere of learning and repentance and contemplation during Elul? For many of us, the first of Tishrei, Rosh Hashanah, arrives and boom! Rosh Hashanah is here. What do we do? What do we do just before the shofar? To the conductor of the sons of Korach, a psalm!

It is always possible to get on board and improve, even now. It is never too late. That's exactly the message for this unique moment that occurs just once a year. You can always improve, no matter where you've been all of last year. It does not matter what your Elul looked like. In just another moment we will hear the shofar, and together we will coronate G-d.


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