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Rosh Hashana ShiurimRosh Hashana Shiurim

Prepare for the King's arrival with shiurim on the laws and customs of Rosh Hashana

Understanding the SlichotLearn Now

Selichot are hard. Why not make them more meaningful with a better appreciation of them?

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The newest edition of the Benjamin and Rose Berger Torah To-Go for the High Holidays is now online, with over 40 pages of insights and inspiration from YU Roshei Yeshiva, faculty and staff.

Tishrei in a DayBrowse the Shiurim

Enjoy the recordings from the recent day of learning with the YU Torah Mitzion Zichron Dov Beit Midrash of Toronto

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Learning on the Marcos and Adina Katz YUTorah site is sponsored today by Yanky and Adina Deutsch l'ilui nishmas Rav Chaim ben Yechezkel Medetsky ('42YC '46R) on his Yahrzeit, by Mutty & Aliza Lehrman l'zecher nishmas Tzirel bas R' Mordechai , by Dale & Leonard Pianko to mark the 11th yahrtzeit of Reena Leeba bas Moshe Halevi , to mark the yahrtzeit of Hinda Chaya bas haChaver Yakov by her family , for a רפואה שלימה forShifra bas Miriam, in honor of Rav Aryeh Lebowitz, wishing him continued kochos for his amazing harbatzas Torah עמו"ש