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On the Daf: Bava Batra 41a

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Bava Batra 41a
(8 shiurim)
Bava Batra 41b
(9 shiurim)
Bava Batra 41a

Learning on the Marcos and Adina Katz YUTorah site is sponsored today by Ruth Peyser Kestenbaum and Miriam & Alan Goldberg to mark the tenth yahrtzeit of their father, Irwin Peyser, Harav Yisroel Chaim ben R' Dovid V' Fraidah Raizel Peyser and by Esti Shulman in memory of her father R' Jacob Rabinowitz, who was Dean at YU for many years and by the Tirschwell, Albert, Abrams, Frankel, and Azar families as a zechus for a refuah shleimah for עקיבא אליהו בן נעמי