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On the Daf: Bava Kamma 60a

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Bava Kamma 60a
(5 shiurim)
Bava Kamma 60b
(4 shiurim)
Bava Kamma 60a

Learning on the Marcos and Adina Katz YUTorah site is sponsored today by Barry Bokow l'zecher nishmas Miriam Faygle bas Zvi Yehudah and by Shulamith Goldstein, David Klavan, and Miriam Meyers l'zecher nishmas their father, Tzvi Hirsch ben Harav Yehoshua and by Sari and Russell Mayer, Avi, Atara and Arella in memory of Mrs. Rita Walker (Rivka bas Reuven z’l) on the occasion of her 18th yahrzeit and by Sue Ginsburg l'ilui nishmat her parents ניסן ישראל בן משה ושיינא ולאה בת יוסף ושרה