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Halachic Perspectives on Live Kidney Donations Rabbi Josh Flug
Can I Have a Ride? Carpooling & Middas Sodom Rabbi Daniel Stein
The Significance of Matan Torah Dr. Naomi Grunhaus
Shavuot: Middot and Torah Linked Together Rabbi Zev Reichman
Twice Kissed Rabbi Moshe Taragin
Family Program: Pirkei Avot Scavenger Hunt, Environmentalism in Jewish Law and Thought, The Jew's Role in the World - by Aaron Steinberg

Download Shavuot To-Go 5767
This year's edition focuses on copyrights, wireless networks, and intellectual property from a halachic perspective. There is also a program specifically for teens about friendship in the Facebook era.

Download Shavuot To-Go 5766
Bible Hunt
Learning to use a Tanach
Time to Pick Teams
An Exercise in Mitzvah Categorization

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