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Special YUConnects Shiurim
Mrs. Mindy Eisenman, Rabbi Josh Goller and Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz: Shidduch Symposium at Young Israel of West Hempstead
Rabbi Josh Blass, Rabbi Beni Krohn and Mrs. Malky Goller: Q&A on Dating
Rabbi Josh Blass, Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky, Dr. Debra Alper and Mrs. Rachel Ciment: Stern College Dating Panel 5782
Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Weinberg, Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky, Dr. Debra Alper and Mrs. Rachel Ciment: Dating 101: A Panel on Dating and Relationships
Rabbi Mordechai Willig, Mrs. Mindy Eisenman and Dr. Miriam Adler: A Parent's Role in the Dating Process
Dr. Avi Muschel, Mrs. Malky Galler and Mrs. Rachel Ciment: Dating and Relationships Today
Rabbi Mordechai Willig, Rabbi Dr Aaron Glatt, Mrs. Mindy Eisenman, Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Schwartz and Rabbi Yaakov Glasser: The New World of Dating
Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky and Rabbi Aharon Ciment: Ahavas Yisrael: Best Practices in Dating
Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky and Mrs. Mindy Eisenman: When Our Children Date
Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Weinberg: From Galus to Geulah: Escaping the Mitzrayim Mindset
Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Dr. David Pelcovitz, Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky: Leil Iyun on Enhancing Relationships
Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch, Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky and Ms. Dvora Levy: Putting Calm and Clarity into Dating
Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger, Mrs. Mindy Eisenman and Dr. Naomi Greenblatt: To Tell or Not to Tell: Issues Related to Family Health and Genetics
Leil Iyun on Dating: Rabbi Josh Blass: Practical Advice for Dating, Dr. David Pelcovitz: Psychological Perspectives on Dating, Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky: The "Other" Side of the Story.
Mrs. Mindy Eisenman: Communication in Relationships in Tanach: A Paradigm for Others
Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky: Points to Ponder: Positive Action Items
Rabbi Mordechai Willig: Privacy and Shared Information - The Torah Perspective
Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky: Social Media's Impact on Interpersonal Relationships, Dating and Family Life
Mrs. Mindy Eisenman: Ten Steps to a Healthy Relationship: Pesach to Shavuot
Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky: The Jewish Traveler:The International Date Line
Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky: Halachic Checklist for a Wedding
Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Rabbi Mayer Twersky, Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky and Dr. David Pelcovitz: Dating Tips for Men

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