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Divine Footsteps: Chesed and the Jewish Soul
by Rabbi Daniel Z Feldman

"Divine Footsteps: Chesed and the Jewish Soul" is an exploration of the quality of chesed – kindness, in all of its manifestations – from a halakhic, thematic and structural perspective. A follow-up to "The Right and the Good: Halakhah and Human Relations" (Jason Aronson, 1999; expanded edition, Yashar Books, 2005) this work contains chapters on topics including Boundaries, Balances And Aspirations In The Realization Of Chesed; The Best Medicine: The Mitzvah Of Bikkur Cholim ; The Double Kindness: Nichum Avelim; The Final Kindness: Escorting The Deceased; My House Is Your House: The Mitzvah Of Hakhnasat Orchim; The Joyous Chesed: Hakhnasat Kallah; What's Mine Is Yours: Lending Money And Objects To Those In Need; Bringing Merit To The Masses: The Gabbai Tzedakah And The Charity Professional; Priorities In Tzedakah And Chesed; The Unlimited Call Of Chesed.

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