Ten Minute Halacha - Common Punctuation and Pronunciation Mistakes in Davening

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Oct 7, 2015
18 min 11 sec

Series: Ten Minute Halacha

Venue: Yeshivat Lev Shlomo (Woodmere, NY) Yeshivat Lev Shlomo (Woodmere, NY)


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    1. Title: Some more examples
      Author: Aryeh Lebowitz ,

      People have been emailing me additional examples:

      וייראו העם את ה'

      First in ויושע. We say 'וייראו העם את ד

      Most people say va-yir-oo. That would mean "They saw HaShem". Correct pronunciation is vayee-ri-oo. (L'choira one would have to correct the baal korei on that one...)


      לישיני עפר

      In Shemone Esrei we say לישיני עפר

      Most people say lish-nei. That would mean "for the two dirts". Correct pronunciation is lee-shay-nay.


      בעל גבורות

      Right after that we say מי כמוך בעל גבורות.

      Most people say bal gevuros. That would mean "Hashem is NOT strong"!! Correct pronunciation is baa-al gevuros.

      מחיה מתים אתה רב להושיע

      From rabbi Elchonan Adler: mechayei meisim Ata.... Rav lehoshia NOT mechayei meisim... Ata rav lehoshia

      אשירה לה' כי גמל עלי

      The word "גמל" should not be said with a double קמץ (that would mean “because there is a camel on me”) but with a קמץ and a פתח.

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