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When Science Contradicts The Talmud

Rabbi Hershel Schachter
Speaker: Rabbi Hershel Schachter Given On: Saturday December 03, 2011 At Boyaner Shtiebel--Upper West Side

Did Louis Pasteur's refutation of spontaneous generation disprove any talmudic law or any law of the Rambam? Are those laws correct, but for a different reason? Can one eat fish, that contains worms in its flesh? Does one have to listen to the Beis Din Hagadol even if one knows that they made a mistake? Does one violate the laws of shabbos, if one knows based on modern medicine, that no sakana exists? Does one need to do metzitza,b'peh or b'shefoferes, today? Why does the Rambam not quote not eating meat and fish together? Do rabanim hold from genetic paternity testing? Must Jews abide by dina demalchusa? How do we understand exaggerated talmudic expressions? How do we define a treifa in an animal? How do we understand the age of the earth?

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