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Shofar: A Call to Return

Rabbi Michael Taubes
Speaker: Rabbi Michael Taubes Given On: Monday September 07, 2009 At Furst Hall, YU Wilf Campus

This is one class in a series entitled, "Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Davening: Open the Gates!" available for FREE at http://Naaleh.com. Rabbi Taubes discusses the significance of the Shofar that is blown during the Rosh HaShanah davening. The shofar is a wake up call to renew ourselves and re-examine our unique potential at the start of a new year. Though it is a mitzvah like any other, there is also an emotional aspect that is ingrained in the act of the mitzvah, which forces every person to be alone with his inner thoughts as the shofar is sounded. To view or listen to the rest of the classes in this series in streaming video or mp3 and ipod video downloads visit http://Naaleh.com and sign up for a FREE account.

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