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Rabbi Mordechai I. Willig


Rabbi Willig, is the Rabbi Dr. Sol Roth Professor of Talmud and Contemporary Halachah at YU's RIETS program. He has been a Rosh Yeshiva at the Mazer School of Talmudic Studies since 1973 and a Rosh Kollel at RIETS. Rabbi Willig received a B.A. in mathematics from Yeshiva College in 1968 and an M.S. in Jewish History in 1971 from the Bernard Revel Graduate School. He received semicha that same year. He has served as spiritual leader of Young Israel of Riverdale in the Bronx, NY, since 1974, and has written a sefer, Am Mordechai, and many articles in Torah scholarship journals. To purchase Rabbi Willig's seforim (books), please click here.


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