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Celebrating the Death of the Egyptians

Beshalach and Tu B'Shvat

The Episode at Marah

The Mitzvah of Shabbat

Miriam and the Women of Israel

The Bones of Yosef

The War with Amalek

Leaving Mitzrayim

Moshe's Prayer

The Manna

The Kriat Yam Suf

The Generation of the Midbar

The Unity of the Egyptians

Shirat Hayam - Az Yashir

The Lack of Water at Masah Merivah

Leading up to the Kriat Yam Suf

Pharoah at Kriat Yam Suf

Halacha from the Parsha

Leaving the Yam Suf

Az Yashir - Zeh Keili

The Haftorah of Beshalach

The Angels' Attack on the Jewish People

The Route Out of Mitzrayim

Understanding Bitachon